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The purpose of a Home Language Survey is...
a) to find out how many languages an ELL uses & who he used them with in various authentic situations.
b) to ascertain what goes on in the private home life of the ELL.
c) to discover the ELL's cognitive abilities.
d) to satisy a TESOL requirement set forth by LEP.

What does the abbreviation LEP stand for?
a) Limited English Proficient
b) Laws for English Proficiency
c) Learning English Program
d) Language, Editing, Producing

Should we use the term LEP?
a) No, because it is not person-first language
b) Yes-- the US government does!
c) Maybe-- it depends on the situation.
d) I don't know.

Fill in the blank: James Cummins' research (1981) on __?__ revealed that it takes on average 5-7 years for an ELL to learn academic English.
c) authentic assessments
d) field dependence

Fill in the blank: Cummins describes __?__ as social language.
c) pair work
d) informal assessments

Which answer gives examples of authentic assessment?
a) drawings, projects, KWL charts, and audio or visual recordings of the student
b) end of chapter tests, quizzes, final exams
c) a teacher's oral comprehension questions asked as the lesson progresses
d) asking the student to repeat what he heard

Choose the example of formative assessment.
a) the student's learning log kept as the unit progresses
b) end of unit test
c) final exam
d) midterm exam

Choose the example of summative assessment.
a) end of chapter test
b) KWL chart with only the K and W columns filled out
c) blank Venn diagrams
d) observation records

Valid tests...
a) measure what they say they will measure.
b) give consistent results over time and by different raters.
c) are written by the classroom teacher only.
d) are discrete.

Reliable tests...
a) give consistent results over time and by different raters.
b) measure what they say they will measure.
c) are written by the classroom teacher only.
d) are cloze.

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