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Which of the following processes releases the most ATP per molecule of glucose for
a) aerobic respiraton
b) chemosynthesis
c) photosynthesis
d) anaerobic respiration

During DNA replication, which of the following segments would be complementary to the original DNA segment of CCTAAT?

What type of RNA is responsible for bringing amino acids to the ribosome for protein synthesis?
a) messenger RNA
b) transfer RNA
c) ribosomal RNA
d) mitochondrial RNA

The messenger RNA will carry the DNA’s instructions out of the nucleus to which of the following?
a) vacuole
b) chloroplast
c) ribosome
d) mitochondria

To determine the molecular sequence of a gene for a protein, which molecule should be analyzed?
a) tRNA
b) DNA
c) rRNA
d) ATP

If a portion of a DNA strand has the base sequence TACGCA, what will be the base sequence of the mRNA strand transcribed?

What is the purpose of transfer RNA?
a) it unzips the double helix so transcription can begin
b) it retrieves amino acids from the cytoplasm for protein construction
c) it carries genetic information to the ribosomes
d) it produces a complementary copy of a strand of DNA

Which process is responsible for the diversity of plants within a species?
a) cross-pollination
b) self-fertilization
c) photosynthesis
d) transpiration

What is the primary role of bacteria in the environment?
a) carbon dioxide fixation
b) phosphorylation
c) promotion of decay
d) sulfurization

In general, which trophic level has the most energy available to it?
a) producer
b) secondary consumer
c) primary consumer
d) tertiary consumer

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