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Sometimes, algae may undergo population explosion.When this happens to a particular type of algae,it causes a red tide. Which of the organisms are responsible for red tides?
a) zooplankton
b) brown algae
c) green algae
d) dinoflagellates

To identify an unfamiliar species of bird, it is MOST useful to refer to which of the following resources?
a) biology textbook
b) web site about breeding exotic birds
c) genetics textbook
d) field guide

To observe a skin cell through a microscope at its highest magnification, you should first
a) use the coarse adjustment and the lowest power lens to focus and then switch to the highest power le
b) use the highest power and the coarse adjustment until the object is in focus
c) use the fine adjustment and lowest power lens to focus object and then switch to highest power lens
d) use the highest magnification and the fine adjustment until the object is in focus

The MOST nutritious part of grains such as rice and wheat is the
a) endosperm
b) embryo
c) stamen
d) flower

The major source of the oxygen that is released into the atmosphere is
a) cellular respiration
b) the weathering of rocks
c) automoblie exhaust
d) photosynthesis

In humans, which body system has the primary role of detecting and responding to stimuli?
a) muscular
b) skeletal
c) respiratory
d) nervous

What part of a plant functions as an anchor and as an absorption and storage unit?
a) flower
b) stem
c) root
d) leaf

The biome populated by cone-bearing trees such as pine, spruce, and fir is the
a) deciduous forest
b) tundra
c) savanna
d) coniferous forest

The body temperatures of warm-blooded creatures, such as birds and mammals, are kept fairly constant by automatic responses controlled by which of the following?
a) hypothalamus of their brains
b) amount of skeletal muscle
c) covering of their bodies
d) size of their hearts

Who is the COOLEST MOST SWAGTASTIC person at NGHS???
a) Jessica Piercy
b) Sadie Proctor
c) Jessica or Sadie

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