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In glycolosis, the first stage of cellular respiration, ATP molecules are produced. What is the net gain of ATP molecules (per molecule of glucose) from glycolosis?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 4
d) 36

If placed in ahypertonic solution, a plant cell will
a) swell
b) burst
c) shrink in size
d) remauin constant in size

Which of the following correctly identifies the dominant stage in the fern life cycle represented by the frond?
a) It is a parasite
b) It is the sporophyte stage
c) it is made of haploid cells
d) It is the gametophyte stage

Which of the following fields of biology focuses on the interactions among various species with each other and their environment?
a) anatomy
b) genetics
c) biochemistry
d) ecology

A gene that is sex-linked is BEST desribeed as which if the following?
a) It results in all male offspring
b) It is located inside the mitochondria
c) It is located on the X chromosome
d) it results fin all female offspring

A terrestrial animakl that needs to go back to the water to reproduce most likely blongs to which groups of vertebrates?
a) Amphibians
b) Aves
c) Mammalia
d) Reptilia

Unlike the plant cell wall the bacteria cell is made mostly out of which of the following?
a) cellulose and starches
b) chitin and fats
c) sugars and amino acids
d) celulose and sugars

A type of cell that can exist in a broad range of environmental conditions, can rapidly multiply, and lacks a nucleus is what type of cell?
a) animal
b) eukaryotic
c) plant
d) prokaryotic

Viral diseases such as the flu only last for one season. The flu vaccine lasts such a short time because the flu virus
a) is easily transmitted
b) mutates much more rapidly
c) it is dangerous
d) it is small

Which of the following practices is most likely to slow the builup od CO2 inthe atmosphere
a) increase use of tropical rain forest areas for agriculture
b) increased use of genetically engineered plants
c) decreased pesticides use in favor of biological controls
d) decreased use of fossil fuels

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