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Which of the fololowing examples illustrates osmosis?
a) Water leaves the tubules of the kidney in responce to hypertonic fluid surrounding the tubules
b) calcium is pumped inside a muscle cell after the muscle completes is contraction
c) white blood cells consume pathogens and cell debris at the site of an infection
d) Digestive enzymes are excreted into the small intestine

The observed trait that appears in an organism as a result of its genteic makeup is called the organism\'s...
a) allele
b) karyotype
c) phenotype
d) genotype

Why is it important for the cell of multicellular organisms to undergo mitosis?
a) Mitosis allowws for reproduction with male and female gametes
b) Mitosis produces identical cells to the original dividing cell
c) MItosis produces cells that are different from the original dividing cell
d) Mitosis increasvariation within an organism

A cell whose function is relay information obtained from the environment to the brain is called a...
a) neuron
b) macrophage
c) fibroblast
d) chondrocycle

Whh of the following organisms is considered to be an exception to the cell theory?
a) bacteria
b) amoeba
c) yeast
d) viruses

A researcher could BEST monitor a person's rate of respiration by measuring which of the following characteristics?
a) oxygen consumption
b) body temperature
c) heart rate
d) lung capacity

When a virus infects a bacterium, what does the virus inject into the cell?
a) viral nucleic acid
b) capsid proteins
c) hormones
d) tail fibers

Unlike prokaryotic cells, eukaryotic cells have the capacity to...
a) assemble into multicellular organisms
b) establish symbiotic relationships with other organisms
c) obtain energy from the sun
d) stroe genetic information in the form of DNA

What is the last activity one should do before leaving the lab area when working with chemicals?
a) put away her equipment
b) wash her hands
c) wash the tabletop
d) clean the glassware

Which protist causes malaria?
a) amoeba
b) euglena
c) paramecium
d) plasmodium

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