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The genetic disorder trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) is caused by what genetic event?
a) crossing-over
b) frame-shift location
c) base pair substitution
d) nondisjunction

Which of these can help farmers counteract the negative effects on their soil?
a) contour planting
b) expensive fertilizers
c) large-scale irrigation
d) insect predators

Organisms in an ecosystem are linked together by
a) geochemical pathways
b) greenhouse effects
c) food webs
d) water cycles

Lyme disease can be transmitted from ticks by causing a rash followed by flu-like symptoms. Which of the following is the MOST effective in the treatment of Lyme disease?
a) herbicides that destroy the grass where ticks live
b) pesticides that destroy the ticks that are infected
c) vaccinations in people that already have the disease
d) antibiotics to destroy the bacteria that cause the disease

Biology is the study of
a) science
b) molecules
c) life
d) animals

Which of the following shows how information is transformed to make a protein?
a) DNA --> RNA --> protein
b) gene --> chromosome --> protein
c) cell respiration --> ATP --> protein
d) ATP --> amino acid --> protein

Homeostasis is the maintenance of stable conditions within the body. Which of the following is a method of maintaining homeostasis in the human body?
a) working in air conditioning
b) shivering when cold
c) eating balanced meals
d) sleeping regularly

Humans have had a tremendous impact on the environment. What has caused an increase in the amount of acid rain?
a) use of chlorofluorocarbons
b) use of pesticides
c) coal burning power plants
d) nuclear power plants

The gene for red/green colorblindness in humans is recessive and primarily affects males. It must be located on
a) the X chromosome
b) the Y chromosome
c) both the X and Y chromosome
d) either the X or Y chromosome

Water (H20) is an example of a molecule whose atoms are held together by which of the following?
a) covalent bonds
b) ionic bonds
c) metallic bonds
d) hydrogen bonds

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