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Viruses can only replicate--
a) inside a host cell
b) along a cellular membrane
c) outside a nucleus
d) between host cells

Cell membranes perform all of the following functions except--
a) makign nutrients for the cell
b) holding cytoplasm withing cells
c) recognizing other cells
d) regulating substances exiting cells

Which of the following roles do enzymes play when the body breaks sucrose (table sugar) into the simple sugars glucose and fructose?
a) An enzymes decreases the body's need for sucrose.
b) An enzyme increases the amount of sucrose available.
c) An enzyme increases the rate at which the sucrose breaks down.
d) An enzyme decreases the amount of fructose and glucose product available.

A scientist determines that a newly discovered organism is a eukaryote and not a prokaryote because the new organism's cells have--
a) flagella
b) hereditary material
c) cell walls
d) nuclear membranes

If a cell has a very large number of ribosomes attached to its rough endoplasmic reticulum, what is the cell probably specilized to manufacture?
a) protein
b) glucose
c) lipids
d) nucleic acids

The part of the cell in which ATP is synthezied is--
a) cell wall
b) mitochondrion
c) chloroplast
d) lysosome

A DNA is made smaller units called monomers. Which biomolecule represents one of these monomers?
a) glucose
b) amino acid
c) lipid
d) nucleotide

The process in which organisms maintain a stable internal environment while living in a changing environment is called--
a) osmosis
b) equilibrium
c) transport
d) homeostasis

The cell cycle includes mitosis. What happens during mitosis?
a) Each chromosome makes a copy of itself.
b) The cell cytoplasm divides twice to make four cells.
c) The cell prepares to divide.
d) The nucleus divides so that each cell will recieve a complete set of genetic information.

What type of organisms are prokaryotic?
a) Animals
b) Plants
c) Bacteria
d) Protist

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