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Which is the FIRST step in opening a checking account?
a) Complete an application
b) Completing a bank reconciliation
c) Ordering a set of checks
d) Receiving the first cancelled check

Maria prefers an endorsement that will make sure checks are used for deposits only to her business account. Which type of endorsement is preferred?
a) Blank endorsement
b) Full endorsement
c) Non-endorsement
d) Restrictive endorsement

James received a $100 check. He wants to endorse this check over to Steve. Which type of endorsement should James use?
a) Blank
b) Full
c) Non-endorsement
d) Restrictive

Phil is writing a personal check and just completed writing the amount of the check in words. What should Phil do NEXT?
a) Write the payee's name
b) Sign the check
c) Write in the numerical amount of the check
d) Write in the purpose of the check

Which is the FIRST step in the check writing process?
a) Writing the appropriate information in the check register
b) Writing the drawer's signature
c) Writing the payee's name
d) Writing the purpose of the check

It is important to keep a check register for the following reasons EXCEPT
a) Keep a record of your checks
b) Know what you current balance
c) Don't have to reconcile your account
d) To stay organized

It is important to reconcile your account for the following reasons EXCEPT
a) To make sure a check has cleared
b) To fill in any missing transaction in you register
c) To keep track of your spending
d) To make sure your that the ending bank balance is the same as your register balance

Anyone may cash a check that has which endorsement?
a) Blank
b) Full
c) Restrictive
d) Special

The amount of a check recorded in the register should be:
a) Added to the previous balance.
b) Multiplied by the previous balance.
c) Subtracted from the previous balance
d) Divided by the previous balance

Stephanie has endorsed a check by writing PAY TO THE ORDER OF and then another persons name below it. This is a
a) restrictive endorsement
b) blank endorsement
c) full endorsement
d) special endorsement

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