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B.A.C. stands for
a) Body Alcohol Consumption
b) Blood Altering Chemical
c) Blood Alcohol Content
d) Body Alcohol Content

The legal limit for B.A.C for someone who is over 21 and operating a motor vehicle is:
a) .1
b) .8
c) .08
d) 1

The legal B.A.C for someone under the age of 21 that is operating a motor vehicle is:
a) .08
b) .8
c) 1
d) 0.0

Cigarette use is at an all-time high
a) True
b) False

The most frequent cause of overdose in Opiate abusers is:
a) Cardiac Arrest
b) Respiratory depression
c) Lack of Sleep
d) Seizure

Opiates are prescribed by doctor's to reat:
a) Anxiety
b) Depression
c) Insomnia
d) Pain

Fetal Alcohol syndrome is caused by the use of what type of drug during pregnancy?
a) Cocaine
b) Marijuana
c) Alcohol
d) Tobacco

54. This a disease that can be caused by frequent long term use of alcohol. It is characterized by healthy liver tissue being destroyed and turning into scar tissue.
a) Leukemia
b) Cirrhosis
c) Pancreatitis
d) None of the above

Prescription Pills are safer than illegal drugs because they are prescribed by a doctor.
a) True
b) False

Benzoids are most commonly abused using which of the following methods?
a) Injection
b) Snorting
c) Smoking
d) None of the above

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