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When forming an ionic bond, metals will always have a _______________ charge.
a) positive
b) negative
c) neutral
d) no

This element
a) Can form 3 bonds
b) Can form 2 bonds
c) Can form 1 bond
d) Can form 0 bonds

A group of atoms that is held together by a covalent bond and acts as a unit is a ____________.
a) compound
b) substance
c) unit
d) molecule

A chemical bond that occurs when atoms pool their valence electrons together is called a________.
a) ionic bond
b) covalent bond
c) metallic bond
d) chemical bond

This image shows an
a) electron dot diagram
b) bohr atomic model
c) how many cups of orange juice Mrs. Schulze has had today
d) circle dot diagram

Polar molecules occur when ______________.
a) atoms share electrons equally and are neutrally charges
b) atoms share electrons unevenly and have a slight positive and slight negative end
c) an atom gives one electron to another atom and become positive
d) an atom gives one electron to another atom and becomes negative

An ionic bond is formed when _______________.
a) a metal accepts an electron from a nonmetal
b) a nonmetal accepts an electron from a metal
c) two metals pool their valence electrons
d) a metal and nonmetal share their electrons

The part of the atom that is involved in chemical bonds is ______________.
a) valence electrons
b) electrons
c) protons
d) neutrons

Elements in the same group will have the same _____________.
a) state of matter
b) number of valence electrons
c) number of protons
d) same element classification

The type of chemical bond that shares valence electrons is called a _______.
a) ionic bond
b) metallic bond
c) covalent bond
d) chemical bond

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