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Which state most important to win electoral votes?
a) California
b) Florida
c) Michigan
d) Texas

How do you find how many electoral votes a state has?
a) # of senators + 2 representatives
b) the president says so
c) how many people live in the state
d) # of representatives + 2 senators

How many electoral votes are needed to win?
a) 100
b) 270
c) 210
d) all of the votes

What color represents Republicans?
a) Blue
b) Black
c) Red
d) White

What animal represents Democrats?
a) Donkey
b) Horse
c) Dog
d) Elephant

Which party supports gun rights?
a) Democrats
b) Republicans
c) Libertarian
d) Green Party

One thing that the Democratic Party supports
a) Less spending on war
b) Decrease taxes
c) Less spending on technology
d) More spending on war

Goal of PAC?
a) Collect moneu for the poor
b) Tell people who to vote for
c) Collect money and give it to political campaigns
d) Collect money for schools

One thing PACs do
a) Keep money for themselves
b) Promote their ideas
c) Write laws
d) Play PAC Man

One fact about Third Parties
a) Last forever
b) They win most of the time
c) R and D never agree with them
d) Focus on topics that R and D don\'t

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