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Protocols are:
a) universally applied standards or rules
b) standards for algorithm application
c) standards for analog and cellular communication
d) professional tocols

TCP/IP is:
a) Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
b) Transmission Central Protocol/Internet Protocol
c) Total Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
d) Transmission Control Protocol/Information Protocol

a) protocols that break down the message being transmitted into smaller pieces
b) protocols that forward the smaller pieces through nodes to its destination
c) protocols that break down the nodes into smaller pieces
d) protocols that forward pieces into nodes

A router is:
a) a device that reads a packet's address
b) a service provided by an ISP
c) a drill used by dentists
d) a computer that houses or stores a particular web site

a) protocols that enable packets to be read by routers
b) protocols that enable computers to transmit data
c) protocols that enable programmers to get dates
d) protocols that make CSS fun

A web server:
a) stores and delivers content over the web
b) is a protocol management device
c) stores and delivers VoIP data
d) deciphers TCP/IP regulatory data

Packet switching:
a) files are broken down into packets, transmitted, and reassembled at their destination
b) is the illegal underground transmission of tiny envelopes of information
c) is trading packets to build the best Yu-Gi-Oh deck
d) files are assembled into larger packets to accommodate for media rich internet sites

a) defines what goes into a packet
b) defines the internet
c) defines media resources
d) manages the switching of packets

a) manages the switching of packets
b) defines what does into a packet
c) defines the internet
d) defines media resources

What is an advantage of packet switching?
a) It allows for multiple message streams to share the same network space and resources.
b) It allows for multiple web pages to load in one window.
c) It allows for computers to communicate directly without interruption.
d) It is a cost effective way for transmitting data.

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