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The genetic make up of an organism is called
a) phenotype
b) genotype
c) Punnet square
d) dihybrid

What is an allele?
a) An egg cell
b) A sperm cell
c) A variation of a gene
d) A form of sexual reproduction

In humans, a male has
a) one X chromosome only.
b) two X chromosomes
c) one X chromosome and one Y chromosome
d) two Y chromosome

Human female produce egg cells that have
a) one X chromosome
b) two X chromosomes
c) one X or one Y chromosome
d) one X and one Y chromosome

Most sex-linked genes are located on
a) the autosomes
b) the X chromosome only
c) the Y chromosome only
d) both the X chromosome and the Y chromosome

Colorblindness is more common in males than female because
a) father pass the allele for colorblindness to their sons only
b) the allele for colorblindness is located on the Y Chromosome
c) the allele for colorblindness is recessive and located on the X chromosome
d) males who are colorblind have two copies of the allele for colorblindness

which of these disorders is recessive?
a) Cystic Fibrosis
b) Huntingtons Disease
c) Dwarfism

Gametesmust be haploid because
a) gametes are small and can hold only the haploid number of chromosomes
b) the gametes' chromosomes will be replicated prior to cell division
c) two gametes will unite during fertilization to create a diploid cell
d) fertilization results with a haploid zygote

Why does sexual reproduction result in greater diversity among offspring than does asexual reproduction?
a) Only mitosis must occur in sexual reproduction
b) New combinations of genes result from sexual reproduction
c) sexual reproduction may occur at a faster rate
d) Mutations aremore likely to occur in asexual reproduction

During DNA replication, the wrong nucleotide was inserted in the DNA sequence. Which of the following terms describes this situation?
a) Mutation
b) Regeneration
c) Transcription
d) Translation

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