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All of the following are true of meiosis EXCEPT...
a) There are two consecutive divisions
b) There is no DNA sythesis between the divisions
c) The result is four cells with haploid number of chromosomes
d) Fusion of the two products

If 2n=8, for a particular cell, then the chromosome number in egg cell after meiosis would be
a) 12
b) 8
c) 6
d) 4

Crossing over occurs during which phase of meiosis
a) Prophase I
b) Metaphase I
c) Meaphase II
d) Anaphase I

Meiosis takes place in which of the following organs?
a) Stomach
b) Skin
c) lungs
d) Testes

Asexual and sexual reproduction differ in the way that sexual reproduction...
a) is the only way multicellularcan reproduce
b) is the only way single-celled organisms can reproduce
c) can produce grat variation among offspring
d) will produce offspring identical to the parents

Which of the following shows mitosis in the correct chronological order?
a) anaphase metaphase telophase prophase
b) Prophase metaphase anaphase telophase
c) Telophase anaphase metaphase prophase
d) prophase anaphase metaphase telophase

Imagine a human skin cell is in G1. If a karyotype were prepared how many chromosomes would be observed in the cell?
a) 23
b) 46
c) 184
d) 44

A malignant tumor is a condition in which cells
a) migrate from the initial site and cause cancer
b) have an unusual number of chromosome
c) remain confined to original site and do not cause cancer
d) do not usually cause death

In pea plants, inflated pods (R) are dominant to constricted pods (r). Which is a cross between inflated and constricted pods?
a) RR X RR
b) RR X Rr
c) RR X rr
d) Rr X Rr

In a codominant cross, a black chicken is crossed with a black and white chicken. What are the possible genotypes that can be produced?
a) black and black and white
b) black, white and and black and white
c) white and black and white
d) only black and white

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