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Volcanic mountains
a) are the same as fault-block mountains.
b) add new material to the Earth\'s surface.
c) are found only in Hawaii.
d) create synclines and anticlines.

Tectonic plates
a) are the large slabs of lithosphere that move around on the asthenosphere.
b) don\'t fit together like pieces of a puzzle.
c) are all the same.
d) move so quickly you can feel the movement.

The ____ is made of the crust and the rigid, upper part of the mantle.
a) mesosphere
b) lithosphere
c) outer core
d) asthenosphere

The outermost, rigid layer of the Earth is called the
a) outer core.
b) asthenosphere
c) lithosphere
d) mesosphere

The Appalachian Mountains are an example of
a) plate mountains.
b) volcanic mountains.
c) folded mountains.
d) fault-block mountains.

What types of mountains led early explorers to call the rim of the Pacific Ocean the Ring of Fire?
a) folded
b) volcanic
c) normal
d) fault-block

The liquid layer that lies beneath the mantle and surrounds the inner core is called the
a) mesosphere
b) lithosphere
c) asthenosphere
d) outer core

When a fold is shaped like an arch, it is called a(n)
a) monocline
b) anticline
c) syncline
d) decline

The ____ is made of solid rock that flows very slowly.
a) lithosphere
b) asthenosphere
c) outer core
d) mesosphere

Tectonic movements are generally measured in ____ per year.
a) meters
b) millimeters
c) centimeters
d) kilometers

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