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Fine grounded tobacco that is held in the lip
a) Chew
b) Snuff
c) Smokeless Tobacco
d) Pipe

Smoking harms...
a) only the lungs
b) only the brain
c) only the liver
d) every organ in the body

The following can fully protect you against secondhand smoke.
a) Opening a window
b) Sitting in a separate area
c) Using ventilation or air conditioning
d) None of the above

The pleasurable effects of nicotine ...
a) are long-lasting
b) last a few minutes
c) last 10 seconds
d) last an hour

The addicitve indredient in tobacco is?
a) nicotine
b) unknown
c) tar
d) smoke

SIDS stands for ...
a) Small Infant Disorder
b) Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
c) Smokers Involuntary Disease
d) Stimulant Infant Dependent Sickness

Smoking is against the law for people under
a) 21
b) 18
c) 25
d) 20

Alcohol slows down the activity of the body. Alcohol is a ....
a) Inhalant
b) Narcotic
c) Stimulant
d) Depressant

Which is not part of the respiratory system?
a) Alveoli
b) Trachea
c) Nose
d) Brain

Morphine and codeine fall under what drug classification?
a) Narcotics
b) Stimulants
c) Depressants
d) Inhalants

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