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President Theodore Roosevelt’s conservation efforts were influenced by a desire to
a) protect natural resources for the future
b) increase revenues through land sales
c) reduce the role of the federal government
d) return tribal lands to Native American Indians

After the Civil War, white Southern landowners used sharecropping to
a) set up schools to educate formerly enslaved persons
b) set up schools to educate formerly enslaved
c) maintain a cheap labor supply
d) sell their plantations to formerly enslaved persons

Which development led to the other three?
a) United States invasion of Afghanistan
b) September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States
c) creation of the Department of Homeland
d) increased security at airports

Which event marked the beginning of the space wiht the Soviet Union?
a) U-2 spy plane incident
b) creation of the space shuttle program
c) Berlin airlift
d) launch of Sputnik

Which factor directly contributed to the growth of suburban communiteis after WWII?
a) Mass transit systems closed.
b) Widespread mortgage foreclosures caused farmers to leave rural areas.
c) Returning veterans created a demand for housing
d) Property taxes were eliminated in many towns

The major reason for President harry Truman\'s decision to use atomic bombs against Japan was the
a) potential loss of American lives from an invasion of Japan
b) failure of the island-hopping campaingn against Japn
c) plan to bring democratic government to Japan after the war
d) need to defeat Japan before defeating Germany

Which factor cntributed most to the repeal of national Prohibition in 1933?
a) the inability of government to enforce the law
b) the start of World War II
c) a decline in organized crime
d) an improvement in the economy

Duke Ellington, Langston Hughes, and Bessie Smith are most closely associated with efforts to
a) expand the Back to Africa movement
b) establish the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
c) promote the cultural identity of Afrincan Americans through the arts
d) fight discrimination through the judicial system

What ws one feature of the United States economy during the 1920\'s that contributed to the Great Depression?
a) increase in federal regualation
b) influence of foreign corporations
c) growth of the trade deficet
d) expansion of easy credit

The actions of muchrakers in the late 19th centruy and early 20th centruy resulted in
a) Supreme Court decisions that expanded the right to vote
b) reduction of the president\'s power to manage the economy
c) increases in the power of monopolies
d) government regulation of unfair business practices

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