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On weather maps, there are lines with tiny triangles on one side. This represents
a) cold air moving in the direction the triangles point
b) cold air moving in the opposite direction the triangles point
c) warm air moving in the direction the triangles point
d) warm air moving in the opposite direction the triangles point

The isobars on a weather map are very close together over Virginia. To make the people of this area aware of a possible risk to life and property, the National Weather Service should issue
a) a dense-fog warning
b) a high-wind advisory
c) a head-index warning
d) an air-pollution advisory

Which type of air mass usually contains the most moisture?
a) mT
b) mP
c) cT
d) cP

Most hurricanes occur where
a) the oceans are the warmest
b) the landmasses are the largest
c) the atmosphere is the driest
d) areas of greatest population exist

A tall, billowing cloud that looks like cotton is a
a) cumulus cloud
b) cirrus cloud
c) stratus cloud
d) nimbus cloud

The isobars on a map represent values of air
a) density
b) humidity
c) pressure
d) temperature

The ozone layer protects life on Earth from
a) ultraviolet rays
b) gamma rays
c) infrared rays
d) x-rays

Photographs of the surface of Mars reveal the presence of sand dunes that shift over time. These dunes demonstrate the presence of what phenomenon on Mars?
a) precipitation
b) wind
c) magnetic pole reversals
d) plate tectonics

Winds blow from a
a) high to a low
b) low to a low
c) high to a high
d) low to a high

Land and sea breezes are created by the differences in
a) the Earth's tilt on its axis
b) solar radiation reaching the Earth's surface
c) the heat capacity between water and land
d) the living organisms occurring in the land and sea

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