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What shape did the Ancient Egyptians think the Nile River was like?
a) A lotus flower
b) A sunflower
c) A snake
d) A croccodile

How many countries does the Nile River run through?
a) 9
b) 8
c) 10
d) 12

What is the name of Egyptian writing?
a) Hieroglyphics
b) Hannibal
c) Hierarchies
d) Happy Birthday!

What does a sphinx look like?
a) The body of a human and an animal head.
b) The body of an animal and a human head.
c) The body of a horse and the torso and head of a man.
d) The body of a bird and the head of a lion.

Why was the process of mummification important?
a) Because the Ka needed the body to live; and if one part of the sould died they all did; the body was saved.
b) Because the sould needed to live; and if one part died they all did; the body was saved.
c) Because the sould needed to live in the afterlife.
d) Because if they did not do it, the sould would haunt the priests.

How many parts of the soul did ancient Egyptianss believe people had?
a) 3
b) 2
c) 4
d) 8

What would happen to you if you killed a cat on accident?
a) You would be sentenced to death
b) You would be sentenced to a life in prison
c) You would be sentenced to 40 years in jail
d) You would be sentenced to 10 years of community service

Why did fishermen have to be careful?
a) Because wild dogs and crocodiles might eat them
b) Because the Nile hippos might eat them
c) Because the Nile hippos and crocodiles might attack
d) Because the Nile dogs might eat them

Early hunting was done on __________?
a) foot
b) chariot
c) cart
d) horse back

Which of these were NOT two types of weapons used to hunt in ancient Egypt?
a) bow & arrows and swords
b) bow & arrows and spears
c) a boomerang and spear
d) a boomerang and bow & arrows

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