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Very fertile land, good for farming, where ancient China began
a) North China Plain
b) Taklamakan Desert
c) Qinling Mountains
d) Delta

What are Oracle Bones used for?
a) predict future
b) record farming statistic
c) weapons
d) build great wall

Built to protect China from northern invaders like the Mongols
a) Great Wall of China
b) Great Wall of Egypt
c) Great Road of Silk
d) Great Keeper of the Realm

Healing Method in which tiny needles are inserted into the body to relieve pain, soreness, etc.
a) electric shock
b) Acupuncture
c) massage
d) surgery

First Emperor of China.
a) Keeper of the Realm
b) Shi Huangdi
c) Yu the Great
d) Genghis Khan

What is Legalism?
a) Rule by love
b) Rule by fear
c) Rule by being fair and nice
d) Rule by listening to the people's ideas

Children having Respect for parents
a) Daoism
b) buddhism
c) filial piety
d) confucius

Long trade route from China to Europe used to trade Silk
a) Silk Road
b) Silk Path
c) Great Road
d) Great wall of China

Symbols that stand for objects in the chinese alphabet
a) pictograph
b) filial piety
c) doaism
d) oracle bone

A long line of rulers from the same family
a) dynasty
b) silk road
c) democracy
d) filial piety

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