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Telemedicine is the use of medical information exchange from one site to another via
a) written communication
b) verbal communication
c) print communication
d) electronic communication

Which of the following situations is not considered part of telemedicine?
a) videoconferencing
b) word processing
c) transmission of still images
d) remote monitoring of vital signs

Telemedicine allows hospitals to optimize the use of their personnel by
a) allowing outside specialists to view patient x-rays
b) cross training doctors, nurses and maintenance workers
c) allowing them to take more vacation days
d) outsourcing all possible work

Medical related images and simulations available to educate patients is an example of
a) nursing call centers
b) remote monitoring of vital signs
c) videoconferencing
d) continuing medical education

Health workers in remote areas of the world can communicate with specialists using webcams and
a) network security systems
b) fiber optics
c) satellites
d) electrocardiograms

An example of mathematics being used in medicine is
a) taking a blood sample
b) setting a broken bone
c) taking an x-ray image
d) the mixing of prescription medicine

__________________ is the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve patients' health status
a) Emergency Room
b) Videoconferencing
c) Telemedicine
d) Skype

Which of the following is NOT and example of Telemedicine
a) Doctors sending out x-rays to be reviewed by specialists outside of the hospital
b) People in remote areas using communication systems, including webcams, to speak with doctors
c) The monitoring of health data, such as cholesterol levels, in a database for access by doctors
d) A doctor performing surgery in the operating room

Which of the following is NOT and example of Telemedicine technologies.
a) Satellites
b) Databases
c) DC Motor
d) Wireless and Broadband Internet

Which of the following is NOT a resource (Input) in the universal system.
a) Capital
b) Information
c) Technology
d) Time

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