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The shortcut CTRL + Enter is used to create a _____________.
a) page break
b) new document
c) list
d) fast enter

What is text on every page in the bottom margin called?
a) Header
b) Footer
c) Margin text
d) Explanation

The first page of a report is numbered.
a) True, you should see it
b) False, it is suppressed

Which key is used with the mouse to select files that are not adjacent to each other.
a) Shift
b) Ctrl
c) Alt
d) Tab

Text that is slanted slightly to the right is using which font effect?
a) Bold
b) Italics
c) Underline
d) Shadow

Landscape and Portrait are examples of changing the page _____________.
a) Size
b) Design
c) Orientation
d) Structure

What is a cell in a Table?
a) The intersection of a row and column
b) Where a prisoner sits
c) The end
d) The spot with numbers

Five keystrokes are equal to one ___________.
a) Enter
b) Margin
c) Tab or 1/2"
d) Space

What key do you press to move from cell to cell in a Table?
a) Tab
b) Enter
c) Shift
d) Alt

The type of alignment where the left and right sides are all the same
a) Left
b) Right
c) Center
d) Justify

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