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In a Business letter, the "Dear" is an example of the
a) complimentary closing
b) signature line
c) salutation
d) enclosure

Spell check will NOT detect:
a) missing words
b) capital letters
c) symbols
d) long words

Which of the following is an editing technique?
a) cut
b) copy
c) paste
d) all of the above

The amount of space vertically between the lines of text is called ______________.
a) Margins
b) Line spacing
c) Alignment
d) Indents

When making a list and order DOES NOT matter you would use ___________.
a) bullets
b) numbers
c) letters
d) none of the above

The blank space from the edges of the paper to the test is the ___________.
a) gutter
b) indent
c) margin
d) tab

When a page is taller than it is wide, the orientation is ____________.
a) correct
b) portrait
c) landscape
d) incorrect

What feature moves the cursor to a new line when get to the end?
a) enter
b) word wrap
c) texting
d) automatic

The correct line spacing for a report is _____________ spaced.
a) Single
b) Double
c) Triple
d) Quadruple

A widow or orphan is a single line by itself at the top or bottom of a page.
a) True
b) False

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