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The most common use for the thesaurus is to find synonyms or similar words.
a) True
b) False

All of the following are short cut keys to change Alignment except ________.
a) Ctrl + L
b) Ctrl + R
c) Ctrl + C
d) Ctrl + J

Which of the following is NOT proper keyboarding technique?
a) Keep eyes on your fingers
b) Sit up straight
c) Fingers curved over the keys
d) Feet balanced on the floor

A red wavy line under a word means there is a grammar error.
a) True
b) False

The key that erases one character to the right is the backspace key.
a) True
b) False

Font size is measured in:
a) Inches
b) Points
c) Characters
d) Units

What is the correct format for a date when typing a business letter?
a) February thirteenth two-thousand and eight
b) 2/13/08
c) Feb. 13, 2008
d) February 13, 2008

Text that is copied is stored ......
a) on the desktop
b) in a folder
c) on the clipboard
d) in a new document

Ready to use graphics or drawings are called
a) data
b) pixel
c) clipart
d) picture

What is the top margin of a business letter?
a) .5"
b) 1"
c) 1.5"
d) 2"

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