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In a report which of the following is the correct placement for page number?
a) Top right
b) No numbers needed
c) Top center
d) Bottom right

In a business letter, block format means all lines begin at the left margin
a) True
b) False

The spacebar is properly struck by _______________.
a) Hitting quickly and pulling away
b) Right thumb
c) Either thumb
d) Left index finger

What are the two variables in calculating GWAM?
a) Difficulty of text and errors
b) Accuracy and punctuation
c) Keystrokes and Time
d) Formatting and Grammar

Anchoring refers to _______________.
a) Feet on ground
b) Sitting in chair
c) Saving often
d) Fingers on home row

The Thesaurus tool can do all of the following except:
a) Find participles
b) Find synonyms
c) Find antonyms
d) Replace words

How can you restore your document to the command last performed?
a) Ctrl + Z
b) Alt + X
c) Ctrl + R
d) Print Screen

In a memo, what is different about the subject heading line?
a) Everything is UPPERCASE
b) It is Triple Spaced
c) It must be a complete sentence
d) Subject is abbreviated

Using only the keyboard, how do you move the insertion point to the beginning of each word?
a) Home
b) Alt + shift
c) Home
d) Ctrl + arrow key

In one of the tool bars you can change document view from 75% to 100%. What is this feature called?
a) Large print
b) Magnify
c) Zoom
d) Modify

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