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Memos are generally used for ___________________.
a) Reminding yourself of meetings
b) Communication between two computers
c) Communication within an organization
d) Friendly exchange

Reference initials are:
a) To remind you who the letter goes to
b) None of the above
c) Initials of the person who keyed the letter
d) To note the date and time it was received

Which of the following does NOT belong to a memo heading?
a) To
b) Subject
c) Address
d) From

All of the following are examples of a special notation except ......
a) CC
b) ec
c) Enclosure
d) FYI

Press ____________ to move the cursor from one cell to the next in a table.
a) Tab
b) Shift
c) Space
d) Return

The Shortcut for spell check is ___________.
a) Ctrl + S
b) F2
c) F7
d) Ctrl + V

When calculating GWAM how many keystrokes equal one word?
a) 7
b) depends on the word
c) 10
d) 5

When creating a title page you would use which feature for formatting?
a) Orphan/widow
b) Line spacing
c) Page break
d) Center page vertically

A table is made up of columns and ___________.
a) Spaces
b) Lines
c) Rows
d) Towers

What additional piece of information do you need to know when calculating CWAM instead of GWAM?
a) Where the text came from
b) Error limit
c) Lines
d) Words

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