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Which organelle makes proteins?
a) ribosome
b) nucleus
c) chloroplast
d) cell wall

Which organelle is in a plant cell only?
a) cell membrane
b) mitochondrion
c) vacuole
d) chloroplast

What is the main function of a vacuole?
a) make proteins
b) storage
c) release of energy
d) coordination

Which substnace can enter a cell without being digested?
a) starch
b) proteins
c) water
d) fat

Where is DNA found?
a) nucleus
b) ribosome
c) mitochondrion
d) chloroplast

Which cell transport requires energy?
a) diffusion
b) osmosis
c) facilitated diffusion
d) active transport

If a plant cell is placed in a saltwater solution, what will happen to the cell?
a) it will swell
b) it will shrivel
c) no change will occur
d) none of the above

The movement of a material from a low concentration to a high concentration is
a) diffusion
b) passive transport
c) active transport
d) osmosis

What color is a postive test for starch?
a) black
b) blue
c) yellow
d) white

What color is a positive test for glucose?
a) black
b) blue
c) orange
d) white

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