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A student wants to find out how much faster water heats up when it is in a copper pot than when it is in a steel pot. Which tools will be most useful for this investigation?
a) hot plate, camera, hand lens
b) thermometer, hot plate, stopwatch
c) ruler, camera, microscope
d) thermometer, hand lens, compass

Scientists are looking for alternative fuels becauseā€¦
a) they like to research because they are scientists
b) the people of the world need more choices
c) fossil fuels are nonrenewable and we need fuels that are renewable
d) So we can alternate our fuel sources

Engineers use the method of forcing water into the Earth in order to:
a) force oil that is either trapped in or between rock layers to the surface
b) fill up drilling holes as a conservation measure
c) make the oil rig more stable
d) to force natural gas to the surface

Which pair of items are both natural resources:
a) woods and plastics
b) plastics and steel
c) wood and water
d) styrofoam and trees

Why do scientists study the oceans as possible sources of natural resources?
a) oceans cover 90% of the Earth
b) population is increasing and we need new sources of food
c) they have not yet found any natural resources in the ocean
d) scientists are looking for a way to separate sugar from seawater

Which sample is the oldest
a) 12 million years old
b) 8 million years old
c) 16 million years old
d) 18 million years old

Geologists looking for oil deposits test rock and soil samples because:
a) they are looking for rock and soil types that will not absorb oil
b) they are looking for a new energy source
c) they are looking for rocks that will not harm their drilling equipment
d) they are looking for rock and soil types that will absorb and trap oil deposits

Which of the following would cause a person to have breathing problems?
a) litter
b) chemicals dumped in the water
c) factory smoke in the air
d) garbage

The leaves of a potted marigold are drooping, and the soil is dry. Based on this information, which of the following is the best explanation for what is wrong with the plant?
a) the plant probably needs more fertilizer
b) the plant probably needs more water
c) the plant probably needs more sunlight
d) the plant probably needs a bigger pot

Rocks are ordered from top to bottom: Layer 1, 2, 3, 6
a) rock layer 2 is the oldest
b) rock layer 1 is the oldest
c) rock layer 3 is the oldest
d) rock layer 6 is the oldest

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