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Which of these completes the missing information: FOSSIL FUELS - oil, natural gas, and __________
a) water
b) soil
c) coal

Which pair of instruments would be best for comparing the texture of different rocks?
a) microscope and computer
b) calculator and hot plate
c) hand lens and magnet

A thick layer of coal is found in a desert. What can you infer about the area?
a) it has always been hot and dry
b) it was once an ocean
c) it was once covered in plants

Which of these is the major characteristic of nonrenewable energy resources?
a) they will eventually run out
b) they are inexhaustible
c) they are made by humans

a) this area was once covered by an ocean
b) this area was once covered by a rainforest
c) this area was once a high mountain top

To reduce or recycle some of their garbage, people should focus on which type of gargabe to make the most impact
a) glass because it is dangerous
b) food wastes because they smell bad
c) which ever type of garbage is the most and takes up the most space

a) you can use this to measure the age of a centipede
b) you can use this to measure the length of a centipede
c) you can use this to measure the color of a centipede

. Coal, oil, and gas are resources that come from –
a) windmill
b) remains of living things
c) the movement of water

Which of these is a renewable resource?
a) trees
b) oil
c) coal

Losing soil is a major problem because it takes thousands of years for even a few centimeters of soil to be replaces, therefore soil is :
a) nonrenewable resource
b) renewable resource
c) reduced resource

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