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Monotheism is
a) the belief that there is only one God.
b) a belief in many gods.
c) a binding agreement.
d) the first five books of the Bible.

The book of Exodus states that the Israelites were led out of slavery in Egypt by
a) Abraham.
b) Jacob.
c) Joshua.
d) Moses.

Where was the Promised Land that the Torah says God promised to the Israelites as a permanent home?
a) Canaan
b) Egypt
c) Mesopotamia
d) Ur

Some believe Judaism began with
a) Moses parting the Red Sea
b) Abraham making a covenant with God
c) The Exodus
d) Victory At Jericho

The Ten Commandments were really about...
a) respecting God and other people
b) following rules
c) getting people to believe
d) to give people more proof of one God

The first leaders of the Hebrews were known as
a) Christians.
b) Egyptians.
c) Exodus men.
d) the Patriarchs.

What was the Exodus?
a) an agreement between Abraham and God
b) the departure of the Israelites from Egypt
c) the first book of the Torah
d) the start of Israelite slavery in Egypt

Which of these statements about the Ten Commandments is true?
a) The Ten Commandments led to the Exodus.
b) The Ten Commandments were handed down as Egyptian laws.
c) The Ten Commandments were given first to Christians and then to Moses.
d) The Ten Commandments are important to both Jews and Christians.

The first place the Israelites conquered in the land of Canaan was
a) Asherah.
b) Egypt.
c) Jericho.
d) Judah.

Abraham was originally from....
a) Canaan
b) Egypt
c) Mesopotamia
d) Ur

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