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Skilled artists created paintings on the interior wall of the pyramids and burial chambers depicting daily Egyptian life primarily to
a) decorate and beautify the resting place of the pharaoh.
b) encourage sight-seeing and visitors to the tombs.
c) provide the person buried with servants and things they needed.
d) increase the value of the tomb and pyramid.

According to legend, the first pharaoh and leader who united the Kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt was
a) Menes / Narmer
b) Hatshepsut.
c) Seth.
d) Ramses II.

In ancient Egypt, those responsible for using hieroglyphics to record important information and maintain records were called
a) artisans.
b) bureaucrats.
c) pharaohs.
d) scribes.

How were the Egyptians able to predict when the Nile would flood each year?
a) They read ancient manuscripts that traced the history of the Nile.
b) They watched the horizon for the star Sirius to appear.
c) They used a lunar calendar and noted the event on the same date each year.
d) They were not able to predict it because the flooding varied from year to year.

The pyramids at Giza were built for
a) Hatshepsut, Ramses II, and Imhotep
b) Sinuhe, Karnak, and Taharqa
c) Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure
d) Sekhmet, Thoth, and Senenmut

What is the source of much of our knowledge about ancient Egyptian civilization?
a) Intact temples with complete carvings and paintings
b) Thousands of clay tablets with hieroglyphic inscriptions
c) Papyrus documents containing records about medicine, religion, stories, and calendars
d) Colossal statues of gods and rulers

In order to construct the pyramids, the Egyptians needed to be proficient in the fields of engineering and
a) astronomy.
b) mathematics.
c) chemistry.
d) anatomy.

The geography of ancient Egypt included vast desert areas of burning sands known as
a) Upper Egypt.
b) Lower Egypt.
c) the Black Land.
d) the Red Land.

The Nile delta formed the region known as
a) Upper Egypt.
b) Lower Egypt.
c) the Red Land.
d) Nubia.

The most important god of all those worshiped by the Egyptians was the sun god
a) Osiris.
b) Horus.
c) Amon-Re.
d) Isis.

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