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What is the name for the Muslim acts of worship?
a) hajj
b) Ten Commandments
c) Islamic Law Code
d) Five Pillars of Islam

A holy journey to Makkah is known as a(n)
a) caliph
b) hajj
c) saint
d) cuneiform

Christian holy people are called
a) prophets
b) caliphs
c) saints
d) covenants

Early Sumerian writing is called
a) cuneiform
b) Indian-Arabic
c) calligraphy
d) hieroglyphics

According to Judaism, this person made a covenant with God.
a) David
b) Abraham
c) Jesus
d) Muhammad

Invaders who entered the Muslim world from Central Asia were
a) Arabs
b) Sumerians
c) Mongols
d) Palestinians

Muslim leaders are known as
a) caliphs
b) saviors
c) saints
d) prophets

The greatest prophet of Islam is
a) Muhammad
b) Peter
c) Abraham
d) Jesus

Early Egyptian writing is called
a) cuneiform
b) hieroglyphics
c) caliphs
d) calligraphy

What is the official religion of the Roman Empire
a) Christianity
b) Buddhism
c) Judaism
d) Islam

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