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How do the muscles help your body maintain homeostasis?
a) They shiver to produce heat to warm your body back to its stable temperature.
b) Your muscles don't help with homeostasis.
c) Your muscles are so big they keep you warm.
d) Your muscles sweat to cool your temperature down.

What is homeostasis?
a) A cool word!
b) Tendency of your body to keep a stable environment inside no matter what is happening outside.
c) Only has to do with temperature of your body
d) Nothing I need to worry about.

What type of bone marrow produces blood cells?
a) Yellow Marrow
b) Blue Marrow
c) Orange Marrow
d) Red marrow

What is the name of the strong connective tissue that connects bone to bone?
a) Tendon
b) Cartilage
c) Ligament
d) String

Which is a function of the skeletal system?
a) Help you smile
b) Protect your organs
c) Teach you about brain cells
d) Keep you warm at night

Why must many muscles work in pairs?
a) Muscles can only pull or contract. They can not pull.
b) Muscles can only push. They can not pull.
c) Muscles are lazy and only want to pull one way.
d) Muscles don't have to work in pairs.

What is the type of muscle that pumps your heart?
a) Skeletal Muscle
b) Voluntary Muscle
c) Cardiac Muscle
d) Smooth Muscle

What does a tendon do?
a) Helps you count to ten
b) Pumps your heart
c) Connects bone to bone
d) Connects muscle to bone

What is the type of muscle that lines your stomach and blood vessels?
a) Skeletal Muscle
b) Voluntary Muscle
c) Cardiac Muscle
d) Smooth Muscle

What is the type of muscle that moves your bones?
a) Skeletal Muscle
b) Involuntary Muscle
c) Cardiac Muscle
d) Smooth Muscle

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