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The Florida Consent Decree is also called
a) the META Agreement.
b) The Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.
c) The English Language Proficiency Standards.
d) The Florida Sunshine State Standards.

The Florida Consent Decree
a) addresses the civil rights of ELLs, especially guaranteeing equal access to all education programs.
b) lists only the new Sunshine State Standards.
c) outlines the English Language Proficiency Standards.
d) lists the old and new Sunshine State Standards.

Florida has a Consent Decree because
a) Florida did not comply with federal laws ensuring equal educational opportunities for all students
b) national professional organizations like TESOL, Inc., CREDE, and ACTFL recommended it.
c) Florida educators in ESOL composed general teachng guidelines & amended them to the FL Constitution
d) all other states do.

The FL Consent Decree was a lawsuit waged against the state of Florida by which of the following organizations?
c) La Rasa
d) TESOL, Inc.

What is the purpose of the Florida Consent Decree?
a) to give all students the right to choose whether or not they want to participate in an ESOL program
b) to address the civil rights of ELLs, foremost their right to equal access to all education programs
c) to give ELL parents the chance to approve having their children's photo taken for program brochures
d) to give all FL public schools the right to decide whether or not they want to offer ESOL programs

Which one of the following is NOT one of the six mandates put forth in the Florida Consent Decree?
a) Technology
b) Identification and Assessment
c) Personnel
d) Outcome Measures

Which of the following IS CORRECT according to the FL Consent Decree & current Second Language Acquisition Theory? K-12 teachers in FL are required only to teach in English...
a) because being bilingual in America is a liability.
b) without any support structures like scaffolding to make input comprehensible.
c) but they should support fluency and literacy in the home language.
d) so it is not important/beneficial to anyone for the teacher to learn even a little of her ELLs' L1.

When was the FL Consent Decree first signed?
a) August 14, 1990
b) September 10, 2003
c) July 4, 1776
d) May 31, 2007

What does META stand for?
a) Multicultural Education Training Advocacy
b) Multicultural Education Teachers Association
c) Many Educators Teaching and Advocating
d) Migrants, Emigrants, Teachers, Associated

What does LULAC stand for?
a) League of United Latin American Citizens
b) Latinos United Lawfully Against Criticism
c) Legal Underwriting Latin Alliance Corporation
d) League for Underpriveleged Latin Americans Coalition

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