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What is multicultural education grounded in?
a) ideals of social justice
b) Neither definition fits the term.
c) Both definitions fit the term.
d) ideals of educational equity

What is multicultural education?
a) educational experiences in which every student reaches his or her full potential as a learner
b) ELL integration into mainstream, grade-level classrooms
c) use of themes across the curriculum to celebrate different cultures (e.g., Hispanic History Month)
d) It is an educational model that focuses on equality of social groups.

What is the Digital Divide?
a) Inequity in the social, cultural, & historical context, not only access to computers
b) The divide that exists between students in the Net Generation vs. previous generations
c) classroom instruction that builds skills in computer and other technology usage (tablets, SmartPens)
d) Inequalities in computer & Internet access between groups of people based on social identifiers

How should teachers integrate technology?
a) Find ways to incorporate computers, etc., into as many lessons as possible
b) use it as a reward only because some students do not have computers at home (avoid embarrassment)
c) first consider the students\' abilities & experiences, then decide if they are ready and willing
d) first find the most effective way to teach, then figure out if technology fits into that scheme

What are the dimensions of the Digital Divide?
a) racism, sexism, classism, linguisticism, and ableism
b) proponents and opponents
c) Net Generation and e-learners
d) inequality and inequity

Which facts are TRUE?
a) All of the listed facts are true.
b) Over 57% of Internet users worldwide do not have English as a native language.
c) Less than 32% of all web pages are in languages other than English.
d) 70% of US websites are available only in English even though 45,000,000 Americans are NES at home.

Which of the following is the BEST way to use what is available on the Internet?
a) to present a wide variety of perspectives, opinions, and experiences on any topic
b) as a library
c) for the animation
d) for study manipulatives (like electronic flashcards and quizzes)

What is interactive teaching and learning?
a) the facilitation of social, cutlural, and intellectual interaction among students and educators
b) software programs like ELLIS and Rosetta Stone
c) small group work and other field dependence activities
d) online games and study aids

How can the Internet better collaborative teaching?
a) it can expand the breadth & depth of collaboration with other teachers and experts
b) students can find papers posted online and use them as rough drafts for their own assignments
c) teachers can find pre-made online games so they don't have to re-invent the wheel
d) teachers can find pre-made lesson plans, including worksheets and tests, on the Internet

When evaluating a website,which of the following criteria DOESN'T a teacher need to consider?
a) scope and sequence
b) validity and credibility
c) relevance and appropriateness
d) accuracy and bias

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