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Adapting teacher talk means
a) using non-verbal and paraverbal communication to supplement verbal communication.
b) using an international form of sign language that ELLs will be familiar with.
c) teaching in English and asking comprehension questions in the students' native languages.
d) speaking more loudly and more slowly than usual.

In ESL, the term scaffolding means
a) re-writing text when it is too difficult and complex for ELLs to understand.
b) writing lesson plans that progress logically through the week.
c) that a teacher or other skilled language user helps an ELL communicate.
d) journaling.

The four language modalities are
a) context-reduced BICS, context-embedded BICS, cognitively demanding CALP,cognitively undemanding CALP
b) listening, reading, speaking, and process writing
c) pre-production, early production, speech emergence, and intermediate fluency
d) preparation, presentation, practice, expansion

What does SIOP stand for?
a) Self-Instruction in Oral Proficiency
b) Sheltered Instructional Observational Protocol
c) School Instructors' Outline for Protocol
d) Simon, Ingraham, Owens, and Price

The SIOP is
a) a rubric for grading ESL output (i.e., writing and speaking)
b) an official document that lists 6 mandates for ESL programs throughout the US
c) a lesson plan template that conteain accommodations for ELLs
d) a form teachers fill out to evaluate major tools and ancillary materials pending state approval

How can a teacher make content lessons more comprehensible to ELLs?
a) speak slowly and loudly, and translate into the students' native languages as often as possible
b) use computer-assisted language learning (like ELLIS and Rosetta Stone) regularly
c) incorporate meaningful activities, visuals, realia, props, and manipulatives
d) use parent volunteers and paraprofessionals who speak the students' languages

Which methodology infuses language teaching (especially writing) into all areas of the curriculum?
a) Language Across the Curriculum
b) Language Experience Approach
c) Audio-Lingual Method
d) Total Physical Response

Which methodology teaches students that what is said can be written down, and what is written can be read?
a) Language Experience Approach
b) Language Across the Curriculum
c) Audio-Lingual Method
d) Total Physical Response

Which type of US government program provides supplementary insturction to imrpove the education of economically disadvantaged & low-achieving students?
a) Chapter 1
b) Title I
c) Title V
d) Title X

What is the name of US government program that benefits schools with 40% or more of its children coming from low-income families?
a) Title I
b) Chapter 1
c) Title V
d) Title X

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