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Which statement is always true?
a) Soil is brown
b) Soil contains plants and bacteria
c) Soil contains weathered rock
d) Soil supports the growth of plants

Which of the following is not a property of soil?
a) Color
b) Capacity to retain water
c) Silt
d) Texture

Which of the following is most important to the development of humus in the soil?
a) decomposers
b) weathering
c) minerals
d) loam

Which of these does NOT cause rapid change to the Earth’s surface?
a) earthquakes
b) volcanoes
c) landslides
d) weathering

How do volcanoes change the Earth’s surface?
a) They destroy vegetation
b) They create new land
c) They move large chunks of rock
d) All answers are correct

7. Which of the following best describes the effects on the surrounding land after a volcanic eruption?
a) The soil becomes rich with nutrients and plants grow better.
b) Hot magma dries up all the lakes and rivers
c) Plants and trees get burned and animals must move to a new location.
d) A high mountain forms and gets covered with snow.

3. An earthquake occurs somewhere in the world about every 30 seconds. About how many earthquakes occur in 5 minutes?
a) 5
b) 10
c) 20
d) 30

Where are earthquakes and volcanoes most likely to occur?
a) on the beach
b) along plate boundaries
c) anywhere
d) only in the ocean

What might be the cause of a landslide?
a) heavy rainfall on steep hillsides
b) strong southerly winds
c) high temperatures
d) air pollution

6. Which of the following can cause significant and lasting changes to the Earth’s surface?
a) earthquakes
b) volcanoes
c) landslides
d) all of the answer choices are correct

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