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Plants that DO NOT have true stems, roots, or leaves are called...
a) nonvascular
b) conifers
c) vascular
d) monocots

What type of reproduction is used when mosses produce the stalk at the top of the plant?
a) sexual
b) pollinization
c) asexual
d) runners

A(n) __________ is the part of a plant contains cells that can grow into a new plant.
a) graft
b) stigma
c) runner
d) spore

A(n) __________ is a plant that has fronds.
a) dicotyledon
b) hornwort
c) fern
d) conifer

The __________ is the structure located on the bottom of a frond and contains spores.
a) sori
b) prothalleum
c) pistal
d) embryo

Plants that have seeds that are not surrounded by a protective container are called...
a) angiosperms
b) gymnosperms
c) conifers
d) nonvascular

The male cone of a conifer produces ________, while the female cone produces ___________ cells.
a) sperm, spore
b) spore, ovary
c) egg, pollen
d) pollen, egg

The material that surrounds an angiosperm seed is refered to as __________.
a) fruit
b) sori
c) nectar
d) cotyledons

Which of the following is NOT a type of asexual reproduction?
a) Runners
b) Pollination
c) Spores
d) Grafting

In order for pollination to tak place, pollen grains must stick to the _______ of another plant.
a) stigma
b) filament
c) ovary
d) stamen

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