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A person who is paid to buy and sell for someone else.
a) Broker
b) Planter
c) Debtor
d) Overseer

Groups of people who rely on each other.
a) Interdependence
b) Indigo
c) Great Awakening
d) proprietor

A plant from which a blue dye can be produced.
a) Indigo
b) Artisan
c) Diversity
d) Banana

A hired person who watched enslaved people as they worked.
a) Overseer
b) Planter
c) Broker
d) Immigrant

What is a plantation owner?
a) Planter
b) Overseer
c) Broker
d) Artisan

The land beyond, or in back of, the area settled by Europeans.
a) Backcountry
b) Artisan
c) Immigrant
d) Great Awakening

A person who was put in prison for owing money.
a) Debtor
b) Broker
c) Militia
d) Planter

A written plan of government.
a) Constitution
b) Artisan
c) Planter
d) Immigrant

What is a craftworker?
a) Artisan
b) Proprietor
c) Immigrant
d) Planter

A person who lived and worked with an artisan's family for several years, learning a skill in order to earn a living.
a) Artisan
b) Planter
c) Overseer
d) Debtor

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