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What is acceptance of religious differences?
a) Religious Tolerance
b) Prosperity
c) Refuge
d) Great Awakening

A religious movement that began in the Middle Colonies that changed the way many people practiced their religion.
a) Great Awakening
b) Great White Shark
c) Diversity
d) Proprietor

A person who comes into a country to make a new life.
a) Immigrant
b) Militia
c) Artisan
d) Army

What is the differences among people?
a) Diversity
b) Guilty
c) Middle Colonies
d) Paul Revere

The right of a person to be tried by a jury, or a group, of citizens to decide if the person is guilty or innocent of committing a crime.
a) Trial by jury
b) Trial by mistake
c) Innocent
d) Guilty

What is an owner?
a) Proprietor
b) Dog
c) Building
d) Minnie Mouse

What is a safe place?
a) Refuge
b) Retribution
c) Remaining Space
d) Red White and Blue

What is prosperity?
a) Economic Success
b) Militia
c) Proprietor
d) Immigrant

What is fairness?
a) Justice
b) Diversity
c) Prosperity
d) Religious Toleration

A volunteer army.
a) Militia
b) Artisan
c) Immigrant
d) Refuge

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