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What does CALLA stand for?
a) Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach
b) Cognitive Assessment of Language Learning and Aptitude
c) Collaboration, Academic Language, and Learning Attitude
d) None of these is correct

Who developed CALLA?
a) Stephen Krashen and James Cummins
b) Ana Uhl Chamot and J. Michel O'Malley
c) Paul Gorsky
d) Noam Chomsky

CALLA is a sheltered English teaching method, which means that
a) all students are NNS of English receiving instruction from a content teacher
b) NS of English and NNS are all in class together, receiving instruction from a content teacher
c) NNS of English ar pulled out of the grade-level classroom & receive content instruction from a TESOL
d) Any of the above interpretations are correct

Of the three areas of CALLA, which one should be the primary focus?
a) teaching content subject matter should be the primary focus
b) teaching academic English should be the primary focus
c) teaching students how to use learning strategies should be the primary focus
d) all three are equally important; none of the 3 is more important than the others

The three categories of learning strategies are
a) super-cognitive, BICS, and CALP
b) grammar, mechanics, and process writing
c) metacognitive, cognitive, and social/affective
d) reading, process writing, and oral/aural

What kind of English is taught in a CALLA classroom?
d) ELL

James Cummins teaches us that
a) ELLs go through a silent or Pre-Production period when they begin learning English
b) it takes between 5 and 10 years for ELLs to master enough CALP to succeed in the classroom
c) BICS is the primary type of languge used in K-12 classrooms
d) English is not that hard to learn if TESOLs teach ELLs certain learning strategies

Choose the statement that is TRUE.
a) Declarative knowledge = facts and information we know. Procedural knowledge = what we know how to do
b) Procedural knowledge = facts and information we know. Declarative knowledge = what we know how to do
c) Students declare declarative knowledge on formative assessments
d) Students explain procedural knowledge on summative assessments

CALLA's authors recommend that ELLs enter grade-level classrooms in this order:
a) language arts, social studies, science, math
b) science, math, social studies, language arts
c) social studies, science, math, language arts
d) math, language arts, science, social studies

CALLA's authors tell us that the most effective way to teach content to beginning and intermediate level ELLs is to
a) teach content with additional support
b) cover as much content as possible, following the regular curriculum's scope and sequence
c) have a content teacher team-teach with either a paraprofessional or TESOL
d) become an expert in at least 2 foreign languages

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