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If Cesc Fabregas and David Villa asked Miss Patchin out on the same night, this would be an example of ____________________ conflict.
a) approach-approach
b) approach-avoidance
c) avoidance-avoidance
d) double approach-avoidance

Having to study for a test to get good grades is an example of ___________________ conflict.
a) approach-avoidance
b) avoidance-avoidance
c) approach-approach
d) double approach-avoidance

James-Lange Theory of emotion says
b) you are scared and run at the same time
c) we think about our emotion before we react
d) we have an emotion and then the opposite emotion

Stimulus-->Process-->Emotion & Response
a) Cannon-Bard Theory
b) James-Lange Theory
c) Schacter and Singer Theory
d) Solomon's Opponent Process Theory

You can talk yourself out of an emotion.
a) True
b) False
c) :)
d) <3

The founder of Behaviorism is
a) John Watson
b) Sigmund Freud
c) Albert Bandura
d) Josh Hartnett

The founder of the Social-Cognitive theory is
a) Albert Bandura
b) Sigmund Freud
c) John Watson
d) William James

The founder of psychodynamic theory is
a) Sigmund Freud
b) Albert Bandura
c) Wilhelm Wundt
d) Carl Rogers

The founder of the humanistic theory is
a) Carl Rogers
b) Kurt Lewin
c) Sigmund Freud
d) Sarah Crossett

Emotions associated with an experience is
a) feeling tone
b) memory
c) day dream
d) nightmare

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