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An example of a negative effect of Imperialism on the native peoples
a) starvation
b) built hosipitals
c) built schools
d) improved transportation

Positive effect of imperialism on the native peoples
a) starvation
b) imporved transportation and communication
c) extermination
d) forced labor

In Japan, their Shogun named ___________chose a policy of strict isolationism with the rest of the world
a) Tokugawa
b) Meiji
c) Commadore Mathew Perry
d) Rudyard Kipling

In 1853,American _______forced Japan to open trade with the US
a) Franklin D. Roosevelt
b) George Washington
c) Mathew Perry
d) John Adams

When the Emperor was restored to the throne.
a) Boxer Rebellion
b) Sepoy mutiny
c) Meiji Restoration
d) Spheres of Influence

As a result of the Meiji Restoration Japan became more ____ & built of a western style_____
a) Africanized & school
b) Westernized & military

European meant in 1884 to divide up Africa at this conference
a) Berlin
b) British
c) Japanese
d) Tokoyo

He wrote Whiteman's Burden
a) Ernest Hemingway
b) Shakespeare
c) Rudyard Kipling
d) Charles Dickens

King Lepold II was King of
a) Japan
b) United States
c) Germany
d) Belgium

King Lepolds personal colony was called
a) Hawaii
b) Sudan
c) Belgium Colony
d) Sahara Desert

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