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How did a steady food supply affect the development of Sumerian cities?
a) It allowed people to stay in one place.
b) It made living in cities unnecessary.
c) It ruined the quality of the land.
d) It made it more difficult for people to travel.

Who were the first kings in Sumerian civilization?
a) Farmers
b) Scribes
c) Military leaders
d) Priests

What was an effect of Sargon’s troops moving through the Fertile Crescent?
a) Languages were maintained across the region.
b) Akkadian and Sumerian cultural traits spread throughout the region.
c) The Akkadians and Sumerians no longer used the cuneiform system of writing.
d) Much of Mesopotamia was divided.

What city became the center of Hammurabi’s Mesopotamian empire?
a) Babylon
b) Umma
c) Ur
d) Lagash

How did Assyrian rulers control an empire that stretched across the Persian Gulf and into Egypt?
a) They maintained one unit of government.
b) They limited how far their empire could expand.
c) They gave up control of some of their territory.
d) They divided the conquered lands into sections.

How did sailors’ use of the North Star help Phoenician trade?
a) The North Star helped sailors earn more money.
b) The North Star helped sailors guide their voyages more accurately.
c) The North Star helped merchants find more customers.
d) The North Star helped sailors travel across land faster.

How did the Phoenician alphabet improve upon the cuneiform writing system?
a) It took longer to write.
b) It did not depend upon sounds.
c) It involved fewer symbols.
d) It required more memorization.

The ancient city of Babylon, located near present-day _____, became the center of a new Mesopotamian empire under Hammurabi.
a) Amman, Jordan
b) Baghdad, Iraq
c) Tehran, Iran
d) Damascus, Syria

Which of the following was NOT a reason why the introduction of gold coins helped the Persian empire economy grow?
a) Gold coins were accepted currency across the empire.
b) Gold coins made trade possible in far-off provinces of the empire.
c) Gold coins assigned a uniform value to goods.
d) Gold coins could only be used by the wealthiest Persians and the king.

In the Persian empire, who controlled the central government and who controlled the local governments?
a) Military leaders/Persian ruler
b) Persian ruler/Local leaders
c) Local leaders/Persian ruler
d) Persian ruler/Military leaders

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