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When celebrities are famous people are involved in a news story, it is often said to have this
a) Conflict
b) Freshness
c) Proximity
d) Prominance

A cat wins the Power Ball lotto is an example of
a) Conflict
b) Impact
c) Novelty
d) Bias

A story with more impact in a local area deals with the idea of
a) Proximity
b) Bias
c) Freshness
d) Novelty

This often lends itself towards making stories have more impact. An example would be a peaceful protest turning into a violent one
a) Impact
b) Novelty
c) Freshness
d) Conflict

Person who is responsible for deciding what gets put into print or broadcast on air
a) Reporter
b) Camera Man
c) Gatekeeper
d) Gary Johnson

having a well liked person endorse your campiagn or policies
a) Bandwagon
b) Testimonial
c) Plain Folk
d) Transfer

Speaking in vague phrases that make it difficult to tell where they stand
a) Name Calling
b) Card Stacking
c) Crazy Talky
d) Glittering Generalities

Use of symbols to accomplish a purpose
a) Card Stacking
b) Bias
c) Transfer
d) Ham Sandwich

Often ignoring the facts, presenting people in a negative way
a) Name Calling
b) Plain Folk
c) Card Stacking
d) Bandwagon

The number of electoral votes each state has is based on
a) The number of Senators each state has
b) The ratio of Democrasts and Republicans in each state
c) Each state's population
d) Each state's total representatives in Congress

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