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Which object would heat up the most?
a) water
b) grass
c) asphalt
d) cement

What does Doppler radar monitor?
a) the motion of moving raindrops
b) atmospheric pressure
c) temperature, air pressure and humidity
d) the height of cloud layers

Which of the following weather hazards involves lack of moisture?
a) hail
b) drought
c) storn surge
d) flood

Flooding is most likely to take place because of rains associated with what type of front?
a) stationary front
b) occluded front
c) cold front
d) warm front

Which of the following would work against the development of a thunderstorm?
a) rising air
b) moisture
c) unstable air
d) stable air

Temperature of 29 degrees Fahrenheit
a) anemometer
b) rain gauge
c) wind vane
d) thermometer

Humidity of 77%
a) anemometer
b) psychrometer
c) wind vane
d) thermometer

Wind Direction of North-West (NW)
a) anemometer
b) psychrometer
c) wind vane
d) thermometer

Wind Speed of 6 mph
a) anemometer
b) rain guage
c) wind vane
d) thermometer

November Precipitation of 1.38 inches
a) anemometer
b) thermometer
c) wind vane
d) rain guage

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