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Most of the energy that heats Eath's atmosphere is
a) visible light
b) ultraviolent light
c) blue light
d) infrared radiation

Heat from the sun reaches you by
a) conduction
b) light emission
c) convection
d) radiation

Winds are caused by differences in
a) precipitation
b) humidity
c) air pressure
d) turbulence

Earth's rotation makes global winds curve. This is called the
a) convection current
b) global effect
c) Coriolis effect
d) rotational effect

Two conditions are required for cloud formation: cooling of the air and
a) the absorption of infrared energy
b) the unequal heating of Earth's surface
c) the presence of particles in the air
d) the influence of the Coriolis effect

Large clouds that often produce thunderstorms are called
a) stratus clouds
b) cumulonimbus couds
c) cirrus clouds
d) nimbostratus cloud

Layered clouds that often cover much of the sky and are a dull gray color are
a) stratus cloud
b) cumulonimbus clouds
c) cirrus clouds
d) cumulus clouds

When the temperature of the air decreases, the rate of evaporation
a) increases
b) varies
c) stays the same
d) decreases

Clouds form when water vapor in the air condenses as
a) the air is heated
b) the air is cooled
c) snow falls
d) the air is superheated

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a high-pressure system?
a) sinking air
b) dense air
c) fair weather
d) thunderstorms

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