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Who was the leader God chose to lead the Israelites in the wilderness?
a) Moses
b) Joshua
c) Caleb
d) Saul

How many spies did Israel send into Canaan?
a) 12
b) 40
c) 7
d) 16

Who led the Israelites after Moses died?
a) Joshua
b) David
c) Caleb
d) Saul

Why was it important that the walls of Jericho fell OUT?
a) It was God's way of showing He was with His people.
b) It did not kill the people inside.
c) It was easier for the Israelites to get in.

What type of king was Saul?
a) A king that did not follow God and led the people to worship idols
b) A king that did right in the eyes of God and was blessed with gold
c) A king that was called "a man after God's own heart."
d) A king that had great wisdom and wealth

What type of kings were David and Solomon?
a) Kings that followed God's commands most of their lives.
b) Kings that conquered ALL of the Canaanites.
c) Kings that were rich from trading with the Hittites

How did the Phoenicians gain their wealth?
a) Through trading and craftsman skills
b) Through wars
c) Through stealing
d) Through slave trade

How did the Hittites gain their wealth?
a) Through wars
b) Through trading and craftsman skills
c) Through stealing
d) Through slave trade

What city did Mount Vesuvius bury in lava and ash?
a) Pompeii
b) Carthage
c) Rome
d) Sparta

Who was the first emperor to legalize Christianity?
a) Constantine
b) Julius Caesar
c) Caesar Augustus
d) Nero

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