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One of the best places to seek protection during a tornado is
a) in the attic
b) in the basement of a well-built building
c) in the garage
d) beside either the stove or the refridgerator

Tornado Alley includes the states of
a) New York and California
b) Pennsylvania and Illinois
c) Texas and Kansas
d) Florida and North Carolina

Hurricanes typically form over
a) cold ocean water
b) very dry land masses
c) warm ocean water
d) tropical rain forests

Cold, dry air affecting the nothern United States in winter often comes from
a) continental polar air masses
b) maritime polar air masses
c) maritime tropical air masses
d) continental tropical air masses

A major difference between cyclones and anticyclones is
a) their size
b) how often they occur
c) the direction of their winds
d) where they come from

When a rapidly moving cold air mass overtakes a slow-moving warm air mass, the result is
a) cold front
b) stationary front
c) warm front
d) occluded front

A funnel shaped cloud that touches Earth\'s surface is called a
a) hurricane
b) thunderhead
c) cyclone
d) tornado

The prevailing westerlies, the major wind belts over the continental United States, generally push air masses from
a) east to west
b) south to north
c) north to south
d) west to east

One example of a safe place to be during a thunderstorm is
a) riding in a boat
b) crouching in a low area
c) sitting under a tree
d) swimming in a lake

Air has pressure because
a) the stratosphere is thick
b) temperature warms the air
c) wind moves the air
d) air has mass

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