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Which Georgia city, which is 16 miles off of the coast, was established on Yamacraw Bluff?
a) Savannah
b) Albany
c) Augusta
d) Lincolnton

Who established the colony of Georgia during the early 1730s?
a) King George I
b) James Oglethorpe and 20 other Trustees
c) British East India Company
d) Robert Castell

Due to Spanish threats from Florida, Georgia acted as a buffer between Florida and:
a) Virginia
b) Maryland
c) New York
d) South Carolina

Which of these immigrants did NOT settle in Georgia shortly after its creation?
a) Jews
b) Scottish
c) Germans
d) Russians

Which group of Europeans did Tomochichi seek a relationship with?
a) French
b) Portuguese
c) British
d) Spanish

Which battle ended the Spanish threats on both Georgia and South Carolina?
a) Battle of Atlanta
b) Battle of Yorktown
c) Battle of Bloody Marsh
d) Battle of Bunker Hill

Who worked as a translator between James Oglethorpe and Tomochichi?
a) Mary Musgrove
b) Nellie Bly
c) Ponce de Leon
d) Henry Hudson

Which of the following was NOT a reason for the founding of Georgia?
a) charity
b) religious freedom
c) economics
d) defense

Who was the leader of the Yamasee Indians?
a) Crazy Horse
b) Tomochichi
c) Geronimo
d) Sitting Bull

Due to mercantilism, which of these agricultural products was NOT grown in Georgia?
a) rice
b) indigo
c) tobacco
d) oranges

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